Lubricen® knee patch

A revolution in joint pain management

Lubricen® knee patch

A revolution in joint pain management

The best therapy for joint pain is to keep moving and the best way to keep moving is with Lubricen®.

  • Single-use therapeutic patch for the knee
  • Contains Lubricen® gel with drug-free ingredients to stimulate joint lubrication
  • Our patented technology pushes active ingredients into bioavailable areas of the knee
  • Long-term remedy that supports joint function

Glucosamine Sulphate: An amino sugar commonly taken as an oral supplement to relieve arthritic pain in joints.

Chondroitin Sulphate: A chained structure of amino sugars and an important component of joint cartilage.

Menthol: An ingredient present in many topical remedies to help provide soothing relief.

The Lubricen® knee patch can be worn for up to 24 hours before all the active ingredients have been completely depleted. Suggested wear time is between 2-8 hours, depending on your activity regime. For example:

  • Wear 1 x patch during your exercise or physical activity to help protect knee during periods of excessive joint stress
  • Wear 1 x patch post-activity to aid recovery with a soothing replenishment of lubrication
  • Wear 1 x patch passively as you go about normal daily activities to prime joint with natural supplementation.

So, depending on your schedules, a person may use 2 patches/week at the lower end and 5 patches a week at the higher end. The average person will use 2 patches per week – 1 patch on one knee twice a week, or 1 patch on both knees once a week.

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Greater endurance

Additional mobility

Clinically proven - Learn more

Offers additional joint support

Helps to address joint inflammation

Keeps working up to 24 hours


Be seated with your leg bent and position patch to be applied below kneecap. The gel section in patch should be nestled against soft tissue area of knee.

Whilst keeping patch in position with one hand, peel away the short liner tab with the other hand.

Anchor patch by sticking down exposed side of tape against skin. Make sure good adherence is made by pressing down and gently rubbing.

Slowly expose large liner tab and smoothing remainder of patch against knee. Smooth over with fingers for comfortable finish.

So how does it work?

Our magnetic micro-array technology pushes the key active molecules within our Lubricen® formulation (Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate) deeper into the skin, which have difficulty penetrating the skin by relying on absorption alone. At the same time, the Menthol provides sensory feedback by way of a cooling on the skin. The molecules can more easily be absorbed into the tissue surrounding the joint, which allows the Lubricen® patch to address joint inflammation at its core rather than just mask the downstream pain.


Got questions?

The Lubricen® patch is easy to apply a single-use adhesive device, worn on the knee to help improve function and promote long-term joint restoration.

For a few reasons. First, it starts pushing actives as soon as its applied to skin, which means it starts working immediately. Also, it achieves deeper penetration of the actives than rubbing gels or creams. Lubricen® patches have ingredients that you can keep using continually unlike common painkillers. It keeps working up to 24 hours after application and it’s clinically proven to improve mobility and function.

Current remedies for joint pain have potential shortcomings.

Lubricen® targets the underlying cause of joint inflammation caused by compromised cartilage from overuse and age.

Usage patterns of pain remedies are generally dependent on the level of pain experienced and the frequency of activity leading to pain. Lubricen® patch is best used in preparation for physical activity, rather than in response to resulting pain. Suggested wear time is up to 24 hours.

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